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Regal Rewards - Earn Points & Rewards Redemption
Earn Points
Earn Regal Rewards point from qualifying spending on hotel stays, food and beverages, laundry services and spa services on the room master bill.
Membership Tier Classic
HK/RMB$1 Spending 1 Point
1.1 Points
1.2 Points

Rewards Redemption
Use your Regal Rewards point to redeem fabulous prizes below:
Regal Voucher
Points Required
5,000 HKD/RMB 100 Regal Voucher
7,500 HKD/RMB 200 Regal Voucher
10,000 HKD/RMB 300 Regal Voucher
15,000 HKD/RMB 500 Regal Voucher
20,000 HKD/RMB 800 Regal Voucher
30,000 HKD/RMB 1,500 Regal Voucher
40,000 HKD/RMB 2,500 Regal Voucher
55,000 HKD/RMB 4,000 Regal Voucher
70,000 HKD/RMB 5,500 Regal Voucher
90,000 HKD/RMB 7,500 Regal Voucher
110,000 HKD/RMB 10,000 Regal Voucher
Room Upgrade
Points Required
15,000 Upgrade to Executive Club Deluxe Room for 1 night
20,000 Upgrade to a Deluxe Suite for 1 night
Asia Miles
Points Required
15,000 1,000 Asia Miles TM
Green Donation
Points Required
15,000 HKD 500 Donation
28,000 HKD 1,000 Donation
Instant Rewards
Points Required Rewards Unit Applicable to Advanced booking time
6,000 Free Airport Shuttle Single trip All Regal Hotels in Hong Kong only 2 hours in advance
6,000 Free In-room Internet / WiFi 1 day (24 hours) All Regal Hotels in Hong Kong and China Immediate
6,000 Free Buffet Breakfast 1 person All Regal Hotels in Hong Kong and China (except Select-Service Hotels) Upon Check-in
20,000 Free Spa Treatment 55-minute basic body massage Regal Airport Hotel / Regal Riverside Hotel only Upon Check-in
20,000 Free Use of Meeting Rooms inside Business Centre 1 hour All Regal Hotels in Hong Kong and China (except Select-Service Hotels) Upon check-in

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